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I had never used Bio Spira made by Marineland until a member here made a comment about it. I picked up some the other day and I have to say, this stuff is incredible.

I've use Cycle in the past but not to speed the cycling process. I used it monthy or if my tank started to cloud it cleared it up within a few hours.

Bio Spira is totally unique. They claim it will fully cycle the tank with 24 hours. My experience with it is that it cycled my tank over the weekend. Well, it appears to have cycled anyway. I will continue to monitor my water conditions to be sure.

This stuff is high priced but I think it's worth it. The store I bought it from said there was to money back guarantee on it by Marineland but he was so impressed with it that he would give me a money back guarantee himself.

Any of you people used this stuff and what is your experience with it?
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