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USAFbOOst said:
SonicDark said:
Look its generally agreed most people here take better care of their fish than art galleries of Monet paintings

How did you get your Ps to eat out of your hand?

They gobble up the 21 feeder fish in less than a week and are growing big fast so whats the problem? I also feed them shrimp and blood worms so its not like I'm starving them to death

These are not fish that you baby, they should be able to take a lickin and keep on tickin. I dont want some pantsy pirahna that doesn't rip stuff up. They are ugly fish and the main thing that they got going for them is their killing ability

I pamper my fish enough, its not like I converted my jacuzzi into a tank and dumped them in there
You're a freakin moron.
P's are not ugly fish. If you think they are ugly then why the hell did you buy them. Yes I baby my fish maybe a little more than I should but I find it enjoyable. Even with all this "pampering" my fish will still tear apart anything i put in the tank, not to mention my fingers. Like I said before, I'll buy your "ugly" piranha's off of you for $50 and you can go buy yourself some pretty little beta's that will fight each other.
Freakin right... Piranha haters are NOT welcome here. booooooo
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