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Aquatic Wetline,

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I invite you all to check out my YouTube series Aquatic Wetline where I discuss everything fish keeping.
I will post my videos all in this thread for you to check out!
This episode may be of particular interest! :)
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I had an AMAZING time discussing my 10 favorite cichlids of all time on Aquatic Wetline! If you missed it, be sure to check it out! Species I discussed include Severum Cichlids, Oscar cichlids, Geophagus, Uarus, and more!! I also showed photos and videos of my cichlids! See my Geophagus Abalios and threadfin acaras and how big they got!
Watch the video by clicking the link below and enjoy:
Had a BLAST talking about the Pink River Dolphins that call the Amazon and South American freshwaters home!! Be sure to check out this video to learn about this incredible animal and get some cool information and videos on them. See them in action and hear the noises they make. It's sad to think their numbers in the wild are slowly decreasing due to habitat loss and fisherman purposely killing them for vulture catfish bait.
Click link to watch and enjoy anytime:
I had a BLAST hosting the May 2023 Fish Keeper's Q and A. I recommend watching it! I answered some great questions including on about how Florida's laws can impact the fish and pet industry. I discussed freshwater gobies (jade, watercow, marbled and more), freshwater eels (fire, tiretrack, tiger moray, and more), my fish keeping plans, and what I'd do if I owned a fish store, and more! Plus, I showed Melissa Thunig gorgeous piranhas, Darrell Michael Schwartz recent catches, and more!
Watch anytime by clicking the link below fish keepers:
I had a BLAST hosting my 900th video!!! It was a great time! I highly recommend watching it if you missed it! Aqua Alex showed off his 2 new baby silver arowanas and gave an update on his 3 aquariums! Chef Alex showed you how to make chicken parm and gave out a baked ziti recipe and orange juluis recipe! Detective Alex Cardinale also discussed the assiassination of President Abraham Lincoln! Plus, I discussed 9 reasons to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I discussed my 9 proudest moments including my live on location videos, and more! See School of Fish, inc owner Dave bag fish and more! Fish Keeping for Kids Author Brian Conway did a good job promoting his book and discussing fish keeping!
Watch the video by clicking the link below:
This was an AWESOME show! I really enjoyed talking about one of my favorite types of fish! The catfish!!! I discussed many different species of catfish ranging from red tail catfish, tiger shovelnose catfish to synodontis cats and sun cats and more! I also shared videos and photos of my personal catfish collection! I also gave out good information on the catfish species discussed!
Watch the video anytime by clicking the link below:
Check out the May 2023 Alex and Jeremy Talk Fish! It was an awesome episode! Learn how the aquarium hobby has evolved,how the aquarium hobby benefits us, and more!
Watch the video anytime by clicking the link below:
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