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Aquarium in Apartment

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I'm going to be moving into a new apartment in June and I want to set up a big (90-125) gallon tank when I move. How much of a concern is the weight? The odds of living on the first floor are probably slim, its hard to be picky and cheap. Is there a way of knowing whether an aquarium of this size will be possible without knowing exactly where I'll be and checking the place out? Thanks...
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Well, checking the place out is a must. You want to place the tank along a load supporting wall. This will ensure that your floor will be more then strong enough. You also want to place your tank perpendicular to the direction of the floor support.

Just to give you an idea, I have a 180 on the 3rd floor of an apartment. Hopefull all stays okay been okay for a few months now. But then again, I have it against a load bearing wall. (just incase, load bearing wall = outside wall of apartment, or wall you are sure has suficient support since a 125 gallon tank can weigh 1,250 pounds easy) Other then that I would not worry too much about it. Floors, even in apartments, are quite strong.

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