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aquaclear 802 powerhead quick filter

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hey i was wonder if anyone has this quick filter i have it on my power head and i was wondering if u think because i dont leave my power head on all the time and because i use the quickfilter on my powerhead if my water would get dirty when the power head is off
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no i have a 75 gallon with emp 400 and emp 280 but just recently it just lookslike there are fine particles floating around in the water just not as clear as it was the weekbefore it was crystal clear but it is prob from the water change and the fact i added the emp 280 last week
i have 2 more filters with the powerehead quick filter i have a emperor 400 and 280 i just added the 280 and the power head last weekd. but before the my water was crystal clear with the 400
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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