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Anyone know anything about comets?

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I know that this has nothing to do with P's (actually that's where it starts tho). Picked up some feeders for the RB (I only get him a few every 2 months or so since I know they are not good nutritionally, but they are good to get him some exercise). Got "comets" this time. While he eyes them to decide which one to eat first I noticed that they started pecking at stuff on the gravel. Does anyone know if they eat the poop of other fish?

I know that that's kinda gross, but I have another tank with 6 neon tetras, 4 pristella tetras and a pleco that is too low for my vaccuum to clean (going to put a slop sink in the basement in a few weeks and drill a hole thru the closet floor so that the vaccuum will work) and there is alot of pleco poop in there. Was going to move a couple of the comets into that tank if they did eat the stuff, just to get the tank a little cleaner!

If they don't, does anyone know of another fish that I could put in there to do that?
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Comets won't eat fish waste at all. I don't know any fish that will. You might want to try catfish.
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fish dont eat fish poop.

The way you get rid of poop is by either

1) getting rid of the plecos
2) siphoning your aquarium gravel more regularly
no they dont eat poo, and as you said yourself they aint good food, in fact they are bad food.
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