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Any1 else feed their P's mice? Best feed story?

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when i was in college i grew a red to about 11-12" and he absolutely demolished a live mouse (was the coolest feed i've ever seen).

I also put a live mouse in w/ my 6 P's and they were scared for a while (so i did the pull out and reintroduce game a while) and they finally finshed him off.

Besides that the best feed i had was a 8" gold fish feeder i fed to my 6 P's and they literally finished it off in about 10 seconds all attacking it!
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yes they are...
RhomZilla said:
Or the soon to be released PFury video, which will someday come as soon as all members decide on what declaration to add for putting out such violence on vid.
with commentery from mike..and deleted scenes..those unable to be seen on the this site...hahahaha
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