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hey i know the rule about feeding.........."it's how much they consume in 3-5 minute...

but the truth is they consume some stuff faster than others...

#1-b.heart, really fast
#2-b.worms, pretty fast
#3- feeders, sometimes fast
#4- Fish filet or shrimp, sometimes fast

So my question is how much are you giving your fish?

Mine are 1"-2"

i have been giving them 3-5 cubes of frozen food

5- sm or 3 lrg feeders

1-3 oz. of fish filet or shrimp

also i just got elong and irratan and have taken a bit of feeder each ... i guess this is to be expected....they will get hungry eventually.............

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At that size you are able to see there bellys filled up so it's no problem measuring the food!
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