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johndeere said:
Its one of their prototypes the rear tire is a 360.
The first one I ever saw were the ones billy lane made "money shot" and the"phsyco cadillac" http://www.choppersinc.com/ but this is the first time i've seen the front made hubless.
yeah i was gonna post the pshco billy caddy but i lost the pictures

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ghostnote said:
ok.. i looked at the pictures.. someone help me out. i dont see how the drive train on it would work, i didnt see a chain, or a belt. what am I missing?
The rear is chain driven. The chain goes around the rim and a pulley pulls it back up so the chain won't ride too low on the bottom or it would scrape on turns. The front wheel rides on a sleeve inside the wheel, like the sleeve in a bearing. It is then attached to the bottom of the fork mounts.
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