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waspride said:
Don't they get huge??
Yes they do. A big male can reach 225 pounds, the females top out at around fifty or so. They're the size of your average gas lawnmower and can easily lop off a poorly placed hand. I'd recommend a different species first if you have no previous experience with turtles.

They're not too demanding when it comes to water as long as it's warm and reasonably clean. It should be shallow enough that the turtle can stick its neck up and reach the surface easily to breathe.

A 10 gallon will suffice for hatchlings, adults will eventually need a (very large) trough or tub of some kind. They do require UV light like all turtles.

Food's been covered well by HONDAsareFAST, they'll also eat fish as well.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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