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okay I've had lots of tanks and I may have saw this once before when I was younger but with my current set up 5 RBP's 1" in 35G High I have what looks like green algae but in the shape of little worms or strands the size of small brine shrimp all over the glass and plants the substrate is white sand with a nice piece of driftwood, temp is a steady 78 degree's and I only have a little hagen filter on the tank but I do frequent water changes (1/3) and have healthy active fish. I have noticed yellow tingy water ever since I tried my luck with P's I thought it was cuz theyre messy with the brine and I dont clean the sand (simple gravel vacuum tube I use sucks up sand like its dirt) . my bubble rock 10" is always on 24/7.anyways everything in my tank seems healthy but this worm weed crap grows like wild fire.I wanna know what is it and is it gonna cause problems
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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