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Ain't she cute

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Look wot mum and dad just brought, 8 weeks old

she's grrrrrreat
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wish i could. use a 50 caliber on that bitch. and i'm not a p*ssy. just my job to rid strays i want to get rid of. have gotten rid of a pit before. savage bitch. went for my arm so really quick i popped him in the head with the 38, come to find out he was rabid as well.
Atlanta Braves Baby! said:
Go post your stupid sh*t over there then!

Nice lab you got there man.

um added that afterwards

[quote name='Fresh' date='Jan 25 2005, 06:16 AM']
grim i hope someone shoots you in the head next time you're walking down the street

hope someone does the same to you, i mainly killed rabid dogs. had an outbreak of that sh*t a while ago. any weird acting dogs or strays who show the tendencies are to be shot.

it is a cute puppy though.
i just got used to shooting rabid dogs. atleast 30 had it around here, some freky sh*t. came from a wild bobcat.
1 - 8 of 54 Posts
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