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Aggresive Rbp

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Ive had juvenile rbp before that were always skittish,but the juveniles I got now are not skittish at all.They are about an inch and a half long,I stuck my arm in to rearrange things and it don't phase them even had a couple nip my arm.Could these be wild caught or just some aggressive juveniles?
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Likely were just raised around people and have no reason to fear you.
Likely were just raised around people and have no reason to fear you.
thanks for reply,i like these little guys just so used to skittish rbps
Young piranha are more bold then sub adults. See how there attitude changes as they mature.
Just give it a time , they might be finger chasers there
Wild after all these years, some things never change.
What a trip looking back... all of us basically becoming piranha experts through this site.

I was just referencing P-Fury earlier today on a FB page that's dedicated to an industry related to my career.
I was saying how we all, through the sharing of questions, answers and personal experiences, learned a ton.

Hello to the new piranha hobbyists... maybe you can kickstart this site and make the hobby 'cool again'.
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