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One of my RBP stays in the top left rear of my tank by a plant that got dug out. I have 4 other rbp in the same tank but they stay together usually at the bottem. I was wondering why the other little guy doesnt stay with them. They all eat together and stuff but after that he goes back to the corner. It all started after one of my other red belly's died. The plant does not hide him so I dont think he goes there for cover. He does not move when I get close to that side he just stays there till I put food in then he waits till I get far away and goes and eats what I stick in there. My Water parameters are fine. So I am just wondering if its natural for him to want to stay by himself at the top of the water? When I buy my digi cam I will get some pics. Other then that my 5 rbp seem very happy.

Also another question I have a 5-8" pleco not sure on the size so I guessed. Well he is aggressive towards all fish I stick with him. He is with my p's now. But he doesnt do anything to them. He just scares them out of his hiding spot and if I drop some algea pellets or something else he wants he will scare them away to eat it. He used to bully my 2 oscars that where with him about 5-6" both were that size and he would scare them away also. He also bullied my Green terrors when I put Him with them they are 3". So I am wondering if I should take him out for he wont stress out my p's if he is bullying them. He is one Bad mofo. My RBP are about 1 to 1-1/4 an inch.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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