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krib- kribensis cichlid
bala- bala shark
TX- Texas cichlid

this one prolly wont be used here much, but other forums use it quite a bit:

ARTC- Asian RedTail Catfish (and yes, its a very different fish from the much-larger south american RTC)

I Have No Fish but I Have Japanese Girls On My Ava
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o snap its eric said:
Acronyms for animals not internet slangs you people!
I know huh.. Like Ive ever heard of "KMAYFDPOSCSB"

SR-Super Reds

joey'd is da man
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piranha45 said:
thomisdead said:
LBS- local butcher shop

ILP- I Love Porn
LBS- Local Bull sh*t
Please keep this to the kind of things you might see here on PFury

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Also, when describing what pets you have (usually herps) instead of writing 3 male, 2 female and 5 unsexed leopard geckos, you would write:

3.2.5 leopard gecko

The first number is the number of males, second is number of females and third is number of unsexed (I just used the gecko as an example, works with anything) Hope you can understand that, not the easiest thing to explain

tap or snap
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mh - metal halide
pc - power compact
vho - very high output
ho - high output
no - normal output

sps - small polyped stony coral
lps - large polyped stony coral
zoa/zoo - zoanthid
dsb - deep sand bed
lr - live rock

gt - green terror
rt - red terror aka festae
jag - jaguar aka managuense
ck - clown knife

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rts-red tail shark
ABF-african butterfly fish

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SRS: Super red sinspilum (not commonly used)
BB: Black BElt
IME: in my experience

Mac can be used as trimac
not here though, the first thing i thought ofwas the piranha

but i suppose if your in the non piranha section then

the people would understand
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