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A war with the north, looking closer?

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I dont like them banging their war drums, please stop.

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They haven't stopped banging the war drum for months. There's other ways to deal with them but an invasion would go even worse than the Iraq fuckup with the very likely possibility of escalating into a nuclear war.
But if they are going to presume on making WOMD after stateing that they would cease, We need to act . That would make us look soft because we didnt do anything against people trying to plot against us and go against the treaty...

That's very true BUT the problem is that your credibility in launching a war to prevent proliferation of WMDs isn't exactly good at the moment, in fact it's terrible. Being completely 100% wrong about WMDs wasn't something you could afford to do the first time, and by now nothing short of a mushroom cloud over South Korea is going to convince anyone to support you in an invasion at this point.
Very true.........and For Humans Sake I wouldnt want to see a Mushroom cloud over NK.

Exactly, which is why something's gotta be done to bring China onboard because as long as NK thinks China will back them up they probably also think they can do whatever they want.
User said:
Say NK shot a nuke at Seattle, if its off by the slightest Vancouver Island is fucked. Its possible this and many more similiar situations could happen. Even if it hit Seattle, the fallout would be f*ck everyone in that area.
I think the majority of Canadians don't want to see the US get nuked for the sole fact that we like you guys anyway. On top of that the nuclear fallout from just five nukes south of the border would be a real bitch for us up north. That and you're dreaming if you think North Korea can nuke the states, the states can nuke them back into oblivion and then that will be the end of it. China a nuclear super power would not be f*cking impressed to have mushroom clouds visible from Beijing
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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