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A question for all you computer geeks

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out:
My computer is going a little nuts the last two months, and it's getting worse and worse. I can still work on it, but it's really staring to piss me off.

Here's the deal: my PC randomly crashes from time to time, no matter wheter I'm playing a computer game, running winamp, working on a website, surfing the net or whatever. The crashes are random too: sometimes the sytsem just frezzes, sometimes it reboots all of a sudden and sometimes I'm just trown to the desktop, all programs closed, but can carry on. It also refuses to play a number of DVD's, but I don't know if that has something to do with the main problem...
It's really getting annoying, so that's why I ask your help.

Here's some specs:
MSI Mainboard (Via KT400)
AMD XP2000
GeForce 4 Ti
512 MB memory (PC333)
40 GB Seagate harddrive
15 GB Seagte Harddrive

Windows 2000 pro
Installed all latest drivers and everything...

Personally, I think one of the components is broken, but does anyone know know a method of how to pinpoint which one it is?
Or does anyone know what could be the problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated: Thanks in advance, people
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Sounds like your machine is what I like to call "oversaturated". This does not have to do with disk space yet the way Windows runs your computer. After running it for approx. a year and installing new programs, Windows mismanages it so much that it pooches. Rebuild the machine with XP.
DrewBoOty said:
I cant argue with this recommendation. If you really wanna be cool you can try:

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