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Found this while avoiding work this afternoon. It's pretty damn funny, and fairly long winded. Basically if you find the below quote humorous, you'd like the rest of the story, otherwise you're probably wasting your time on something you won't enjoy.

"So....." she says, "they're evil because they're shaped different than you?"

"Shut your Whine Valve. Didn't you see the cutscenes? These guys are The Covenant and that's what they are, evil. They're a race of evils. A long time ago on their planet there was probably an evil alien caveman and an evil alien cavewoman and they mated and had evil alien kids and over time everybody else died out. It's like the Orcs in Lord of the Rings. They're evil because that's what they are. Frodo's sword didn't light up to warn that evil orcs were near. It lit up for any orcs. And the sword was right. You tellin' me you'd pet a pit bull as quick as you would a kitty cat? Of course not."

I liked it, some of you might not.

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This last comment confused me, and then I realized that by "The Bomb" John was not talking about the Nuclear Bomb that had haunted our childhoods, but rather the prototype chemical weapon developed by a secret Pentagon program that would cause enemy troops to become inflamed with homosexual lust for each other. No sh*t.

LOL they should use that bomb in IRAQ.
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