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after seling my manie 18 months ago i regreted it for a long time,he was so viscious!

now hes back to his original tank! but hes much biger now!.

this fish wil not be leaving me again unless in a body bag!

cant believe ive managed to get him back after saj had a firm hold on him.
so i climatised him for 40 mins ,when his bucket was ful i had to remove some with a cup and he went for the cup!!! in the bucket!!!

when he eventualy got in his own tank with in 5 seconds(no bs ) he was all ready atacking me!! he was stresed and was gasping hundred mile a hour but he stil attacked me and didnt stop until i walked of.i keping everyone out of the halway at the moment becasue i dont want to wind him up!!!. i need him to setle in,



1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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