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7 inch rhom

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i have just got a 7 inch rhom yesterday for £120 the only problem is the only tank free was a matured 10g i have bought a 40g tank and i am currently setting it up . in the store he was in a 10 g. wIll he be ok for a few days in that 10g? or what else can i do HELP SOMEONE PLEASE.i have put a towel over the glass to keep him calm.he is a beast he must live. will add pics soon.
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i have filled the 40 g with water from my spilo tank and put a estabilshed sponge in the filter 40% spilo water 60% fresh water when shall i put him in he has been in 10g for 2 days i am worried but i had to have this fish
cheers i will check levels everyday and hopefully it will be ready asap cant wait to see him in his new tank i will try and get pic
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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