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7 inch rhom

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i have just got a 7 inch rhom yesterday for £120 the only problem is the only tank free was a matured 10g i have bought a 40g tank and i am currently setting it up . in the store he was in a 10 g. wIll he be ok for a few days in that 10g? or what else can i do HELP SOMEONE PLEASE.i have put a towel over the glass to keep him calm.he is a beast he must live. will add pics soon.
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he can stay in that 10 gal for a week or a little more with no problems...

sh*t he was in a 10gal at the LFS BUT they have Wayy bigger filtration systems than what u got on that 10gal....

i also recommend that u do ONLY a water change and not gravel vac scine that tank is already small u would stress him out pluss why would u want your hand near that mouth full of razors?.... just do about 1 gal water change every 2 days..... and u say " its only temporary"

and i would wait about a 5-6 days...before u add the rhom to the tank...
but if ur using 40%old water and 60% new water.... u should worry about the PH levels if u are using tap water
i would also advise u too test the water before u decide to throw him in there...make sure the Ph is at the same level u have your Spilo in and ammonia are at zero or Low ...
..well if u are using water + filter from another tank ..u should be able to add him soon...

good luck with that monster
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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