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60 Gallon Tank And Cabinet Question

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First off i hope this is in the right place to post this? Hi my name is jack im new here. Ive been doing alot of research and still have a few questions. I was hoping you all could help me out. Im curently building a new aquarium, for the space i have i would like to do about 200 gallons. My first question was,what would be good measurements for a 200 gallon tank for some piranha? The reason i ask is because im about to build the cabinet for the tank to sit on. Also i have ended up with a nice 60 gallon that i got for next to nothing. I was also wondering if i could use the 60 for a sump tank for the bottom? Would 60 be enough or to much? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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A typical 200 is around 96" wide, 25" tall, 20" deep... There are lots of variations of that, especially with 220s and custom tanks. Ideally a tank 25" deep and 20" tall as Ps dont really use the depth as much as the surface area.

As for the sump, a 60 could be used but high flow and other issues might not make it ideal. I would suggest the largest tank you can fit under the stand, which might be 2 60 gals or a single 120.

Its possible to design a 60 gal sump that would work great, but that depends on the load of the tank and other factors.
Thank you i really aprishiate the reply. The 200 is actually flexible its not set in stone yet. I actually just measured my are and that is smaller than i was expecting it to be. I have a pretty good size area. Its actually gonna have its own wall. I could actually do 100 x 40 x 40 and still have prelty of walk way. So you dont think the 60 would be enough. Maybe i should just use it as a community tank and build a sump for the bottom as well
That says its 692 gallon in the calculator? That cant be right can it?
That says its 692 gallon in the calculator? That cant be right can it?
100" x 40" x 40" is 692 gallons. I dont know why you would want a 40" tall or if that is even possible without extremely thick glass / acrylic and extensive bracing. My ideal tank would be 6' or 8' long, 36" front to back and 30" tall.

If you can build a sump, I would go that route and use the 60 for a quarantine / community tank.
I really aprishiate the advice. Im gonna get started building the cabinet soon.
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