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I bought a 4 inch Rhom in January. For the first month and a half he never left his "spot" behind his favorite green plant. Never. Then I would occasionally see him move around at night when I had the lights off. He would never eat in front of me, always in the dark. When I woke up, the feeder or the food would be gone.

Since mid February he has been swimming around lots. This past week, he started opening up more. He swims around all of the time now, during the day and at night. He is even active when I sit right next to the tank. I thought that he would never do this. Three days ago, I put my finger up to the glass and he looked at it for like ten seconds and then he swam headlong into the glass trying to bite my finger through the glass. He hasn't done it since and I don't know if he'll ever do it again. I was about to sell him a week after I got him but I got attached to the little guy and his "personality."

Maybe he just needs some more time, but then again maybe he will never open up.

If you want an asskicker, then sell him and do the search. The truth is that you may never get one that you're happy with. Sometimes we have to accept them for the shy beasts that they are.
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