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ok finally looking to get my plant tank started but before i go and buy anything

would this light work?

the tank is 30gallons aprox 20x18x21

the tank will have rams neons ottos and cories

will eventually be heavily planted

no co2

only thing else would be regular gravel.... and liquid fertilizer oh and filter is a whisper 30-60 (will add other media like fluval biomax)

should i take out carbon? and will all this work? i figure ill have about 1-2 wpg

few species (i think i mean species like crypt... vals... those) of plants taht anyone can point me towards keeping in these conditions?

and i have around $150 to spend on this whole thing (lights plants fish...) i have the tank stand tops filter and media oh and the 20inch fixture with 15w bulb in it allready (will keep it on with new fixture if needed?)


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The lighting you posted the link about will do fine for that tank for a low-medium maintainance plant setup.
I suggest you Cryptocorines,Echinodorus,Anubias,Hygrophilla'sa and Java Fern for the start.

IMO it is better to have also some gravel-fertilizer under your normal gravel cause it will help a lot!
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