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3 Red Belly Piranha's (Pgh,pa) $2.00

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Hello Everyone !

I have three Red Belly Piranha's that I have raised from little guys on Pellet's.
They're very healthy and ready to eat when they see me grab the bag of food.
They range from about 4" to 6".

Our house has sold (way faster than I thought)and I really don't want to put them in a small tank until we get a new home.
Currently in a 120 long. I am looking for a fish\Piranha lover to (give) them to, rather than just taking them to a pet store.
I'm not sure if I have to list a price, or just say free. So 2 bucks if price is needed.

No Shipping, must pickup !
Near Monroeville, PA minutes from parkway

Thanks for looking, and have a Great Day !

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Too bad you are way too far from me , i would take them for my empty 125gal . Pa here but from other side ;-(
Good luck , hope you will find them good home
Bump 🤽‍♂️
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