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180 Should Arrive Soon

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My 180 will be arriving soon and I will be using a wet/dry at 900gph along with a fluval 404 which pushes 340gph and I was wondering what I should do to help it cycle. I already have a fluval 404 hooked up to my 80 gallon along with another wet/dry at 700gph and purchased another for my 180 simply for carbon media. Do you think I should hook up both fluval's to my 80 right now while I wait and when my 180 arrives should I take the original one and put it on my 180 to help it cycle and leave the new one on my 80 since I already have a wet/dry on it? Or any other ideas would be helpful.
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To speed things up use all your equipment from your 80 and transfer it to your 180, Even your gravel.
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