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125 Gallon

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Can I house 7 RBP's in a 125, or 3 RBP's and 2 Cariba
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Depending on the size I'd get 6-8 fish. When it comes to large adult fish, I would get more than 5 or 6, though. With baby's and sub-adults (ie. smaller than approx. 8"), I'd get 6-8, and have nature run its course...
Remember though that yellow natts (ie. "ternetzi") are expensive!!! I'd get two or three of them and the rest common reds (but that's just me...)
phil said:
How much would I be paying for smaller ones, over 100$ ?
Check out the pricelists on
www.fishpost.com or www.sharkaquarium.com to get an idea...
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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