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120 gallon

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I currently have a 120 gallon tank that houses 2 oscars, a pleco and a shovelnose catfish, I want to start a pirahna tank and I am going to, once the fish in the 120 are gone. The question is: How many pirahnas can I fit in there?
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Most Piranha buffs will tell you 20 Ps per gallon. But in my opinion, anything larger than 80 gal can hold 2-3 more. Im 2 Ps over the rule with my 125 gal, and everythings perfect!!
Velocity said:
Okay thank you everyone. Another question: what would be some good tank mates with them?
Plecos and anything 2wice their size for the meantime!!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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