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Go the route of guppies. They're by far the easiest fish to breed and the adult fish don't tend to eat the babies as much as say, swordtails, platies or mollies.

Get a lot more females than males. One male is capable of impregnating a whole lot of females. And a female guppy will retain the male's sperm for quite a long time and will continue to have babies on her own. My dad had one lone guppy left in his tank after a water change mishap. And she ended up having a bunch of babies, even with no males in there. Now he has something like 20 guppies again.

Make sure there's some thick plants in there though for the babies to hide out in. This way they'll survive. In terms of feeding, add some pulverized flake food to the mix, when you toss some flakes into the tank. Then let natural selection take its course. The weak will die off and the strong will be nice guppies.

Also make sure to cover any filter intake with some type of screen like pantyhose or something. This way the babies won't get sucked up.

Good luck.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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