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Forum Rules

Forum is only to be used to advertise or solicit allowable merchandise. The following is an abridged version of the forum rules. For further clarification, please read the full forum rules here, or contact one of our staff members.

Seller Rules:
•Price is required; this is not an auction site.
•Location is required and will be placed in the thread title for easy identification.
•State whether the item can be Shipped or if it is Pick-up only.

Buyer Rules:
•No posts questioning the value of a person's for sale post will be tolerated.
•Do not make an offer on any item unless you intend to follow through with the sale.
•Do not post if not interested in the sale. This is not a discussion forum.

Forum Rules...Please Read.
Member Classifieds Disclaimer: By using this forum you agree to all terms and conditions

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