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DIY aquarium background

Author: phil

When I was setting up my new tank I wanted to have it look nice. Those store bought backrounds I found cheap and fake looking. So I decided to make my own backround. I constructed my backround out of sand, gravel, and driftwood.

Here are the steps I took:
  1. Mix play sand, and small natural gravel in a bucket, using a 3:1 ratio (3 parts sand, 1 part gravel);
  2. Go to your lfs and buy aquarium safe silicone;
  3. Get some drifwood, make sure one side of it is completey flat;
  4. Apply aquarium silicone to the flat end of your driftwood, and secure it to the rear of the tank;
  5. Once all driftwood desired is secured, cure for 24 hours;
  6. Using multiple paint brushes, spread a thin layer of aquarium silicone to the rear of the tank;
  7. Immediately apply gravel/sand mixture to the thin coat of aquarium silcone, making sure to cover the entire sheet of glass;
  8. Let cure for 24 hours;
  9. Fill up the tank.
I was a bit skeptical about his idea at first. But over a year later none of the backround has fallen off, or has had any damage.

Here is a picture of my two tanks with the DIY Backround:

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